The UK is currently experiencing significant talent shortages and there are approximately 1 million vacancies in a range of sectors. The opportunity for skilled overseas workers to seek employment and build a new life in the UK are significant

But currently there are only 84,000 companies in the UK with the necessary license to
employ overseas talent.

Immpact is an ethical and cost-effective global immigration marketplace… Our aim is to simplify the whole migration process by putting the right talent in the right place at the right time

84,000 UK companies

with overseas sponsorship licences

3,782 companies

actively employed
10+ overseas employees in 2021

As a result, job seekers are having to cast the net far and wide across multiple recruitment services without knowing whether the roles they apply for are even open to overseas applicants. But this is just one of the challenges they face.

Even if a candidate was to find a suitable role, navigating the complexities of visa applications prevents many eligible and suitable candidates from capitalising on this opportunity.


Lack of visibility of jobs

Jobseekers are using multiple sites and services to search for overseas jobs without knowing whether the vacancies listed are open to overseas applicants..


Exploitation in the marketplace

Many people have travelled overseas and been charged excessive fees from intermediaries who are often unable to fulfil their promises.


Confusion over legal eligibility

A lot of skilled workers aren’t aware of the different ways in which they can qualify to work in the UK, or the different routes available to them.


Complexity of visa process

With different routes available, many are put off by not having a clear picture of where to begin, who to speak to, what to do next, and how much the entire process
will cost.

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The single platform for finding a legal pathway to
employment in the UK

Explore a world of possibilities and find your dream role overseas.

Immpact lets you quickly see what types of roles you can qualify for, view the vacancies and employers that match your skills and eligibility, and receive support throughout the entire legal process for securing visa and immigration approval – all through one platform.

We have created a number of Immigration Discovery Tools to enable you to explore your options

Talent tools


Your options

Identifies all of your potential immigration routes based on your nationality, age, education, location and your skillset.


Sponsored worker 
cost calculator

We calculate the 7 cost categories for your sponsored work in the UK based on your profile.

  • Includes family costs
  • Includes your costs
  • Calculates fees paid
    by your employer

Skilled worker
eligibility test

Identifies if the vacancy you are seeking qualifies for skilled worker status. Discover the minimum salary requirements based on your profile.

Coming soon!

Your resident qualification calculator

This tool logs your overseas trips and identifies your eligibility for eventual settlement in the UK. One source for all visa applications worldwide.

How does it work?


Create a free profile

Explore materials and resources to help you find opportunities, enhance your CV, and prepare for interviews.


Use our Immigration Discovery Tools

Quickly see the ways you can qualify to work in the UK, and the types of roles available to you.


Browse roles and businesses

Look at job roles by sector, job role and location. View company profiles to learn about your potential employer's business.


Choose your subscription option

One simple monthly subscription fee which is great value and easy for you to budget.


Begin the application process

Attend interviews and communicate with employers and access legal specialists to assist with the work-related immigration process.

We can manage the whole immigration process for you. From the pre-qualification assessment to managing your immigration records and status as you arrive and develop your career, we are here to support you.

Whether it’s help creating your profile, immigration CV advice or interview coaching, we have the training videos and guides to maximise your chances of success and help you get your ideal job vacancy.

How Immpact can help your UK employment prospects


Maximise your opportunities

Our immigration discovery tools will enable you to see if you qualify to come to the UK and which is the best route, the roles you qualify for, and the minimum pay scales for your role. You can then search jobs that you are already qualified for and find employers looking to recruit now


Safety and

All our legal and employment partners are independently regulated, and fully compliant with international laws and processes. Our ethical marketplace aims to reduce modern slavery and exploitation, and lower costs for everyone.


compliance process

With decades of experience working for and with the legally approved channels and authoritative bodies, we can manage the whole immigration process for you. We also offer training resources to maximise your chances of success and finding your ideal job.


Save time
and money

By using a single platform to connect with licenced and regulated legal professionals and employers, candidates can streamline their process of finding overseas jobs, and avoid the inflated costs of exploitative third parties.