In the face of an international skills shortage, employers of all sizes are struggling to fill vacant roles within their business. As a result, existing teams are overworked and under resourced, particularly in fields such as a health and social care.

Without the right people in the right roles, businesses aren’t only limited in their ability to innovate and expand, but the retention of existing staff becomes harder

Internationally there are millions of skilled workers looking to emigrate that can provide a boost across all industries – and the wider UK economy. Furthermore, there are thousands of international students already in the UK who automatically qualify to remain and work in this country for two years after they graduate.

But despite the abundance of international talent available, employers face several challenges when it comes to unleashing this potential within their businesses.

Immpact can connect you directly to pre-qualified talent overseas as well as inside the UK.

This will shorten your time to hire, and our specialist business immigration platform will save up to 50% on the typical overseas recruitment workload

Finding talent with both the matching skills and eligibility to work in the UK is an arduous and costly exercise, while the process of attaining the necessary right-to-work is complex and time-consuming.


Finding eligible

Businesses are held back by the lack of talent in the UK for key roles. Many employers don’t know if candidates both qualify to work in the UK, and have the right skills for the roles.


Drain on time
and resources

Current overseas talent recruitment is a heavy administrative burden for HR professionals and employers.




Acquiring the necessary employment licences and processing visa applications for overseas talent is a complex process. 


High cost of 


It can be expensive if you pay high agency fees, have to manage the administration process and complete the application.

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The easier way for UK businesses to find and employ
overseas talent

Tap into the vast economic potential contained with the huge talent pool of skilled overseas workers.

As an all-in-one platform for finding, interviewing, and formalising the employment of candidates, Immpact connects your business to a pool of pre-qualified candidates, and the necessary legal support to guide them through the entire immigration process.

We have created a number of Employer Immigration Discovery Tools to enable your to explore your options

Employer tools


Skilled worker
eligibility test

Identifies if your vacancy qualifies for skilled worker status. Discover the minimum job salary based on the role and your candidate status.


Sponsored worker 
cost calculator

We calculate the 7 cost categories for your sponsored work in the UK based on your business profile.

  • Includes employer costs
  • Fees paid by the candidate
  • Candidate’s family costs

Sponsor license 
cost calculator

This identifies the one-off costs for your business to obtain a sponsor license.

Coming soon!

Team travel tracker

Identify your teams overseas travel trips and achieve the following:

1. Compliance with sponsor reporting duties.

2. Identify if your team members are on track for settlement

3. Consistency of data for UK overseas immigration applications

How does it work?


Create a free profile

Explore materials and resources to help you understand more about overseas recruitment.


Use the Immigration Discovery Tools

Identify if your role qualifies for skilled worker status, establish immigration costs  and minimum salary requirements



Add live roles to your Employer profile and browse eligible talent that matches your role criteria.


Choose your subscription option

Choose a simple monthly subscription fee based on how often you use the platform and the data reporting you require.


Begin recruitment process

Interview talent and access qualified legal specialists to assist with the work-related immigration process

How Immpact can help your business


Gain access to 
talent pools

We provide an easy search function by job role, industry, job type and location. Browse, search, and filter a huge pool of talent that has passed pre-qualification eligibility checks for overseas work, and see all talent that matches your live job listings.


Save time and boost productivity

Save 47% of the typical time through our streamlined process. By managing the whole immigration process for you, we save you dealing with a huge number of candidates that don't have a right to work or the right languages and skills.


compliance process

We take the complexity out employing overseas talent by providing a direct link to regulated law firms. Their experience working with the legally approved channels and authoritative bodies ensures ethical and compliant practice.


Catalyse business

Boosting your workforce with skilled workers from overseas increases your ability to respond to market opportunities and grow your business. And with one simple monthly subscription you only pay based on how often you use the platform.