In recent years, the increase in work-related migration has seen 100's of millions of skilled workers moving overseas to pursue better opportunities and maximise the value of their potential.

The complexity of the processes around obtaining work visas and employment licences creates a huge demand for expert legal support when it comes to economic migration.

But despite the huge number of economic migrants and employers needing support, legal firms specialising in this area face several challenges in finding and processing these cases.


Lack of market visibility

Both talent and employers are scattered all around the world in different places, leaving legal firms having to blindly search for clients.


Wasted time on
non-qualified leads

Many potential cases are subsequently found to not meet the eligibility criteria for economic migration, either on the part of the employer or the candidate.


High level of cost and administration

Collating all the necessary documentation, running eligibility checks, and liaising with all parties takes time and money when starting from scratch with every case.


Increased marketing costs

With scattered audiences looking for and advertising jobs across a range of platforms and services, the cost of reaching potential clients is multiplied.

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The easier way for legal firms to offer immigration
services to overseas employers and talent

Build a clear and concise pipeline of pre-qualified economic migration cases by connecting directly with employers and candidates.

As an all-in-one platform for finding leads, engaging clients, and processing cases, Immpact connects your firm to a pre-qualified pool of employers and candidates in need of legal support to guide them through the entire immigration process.

We have created a number of Legal Immigration Discovery Tools to enable you to explore the best options for your clients

Legal tools


Client immigration options

Identifies all immigration routes based on your clients nationality, age, education, location, and skillset.



Client worker

eligibility test

Identifies if your client vacancy qualifies for skilled worker status. Discover the minimum salary requirements based on your profile and your client’s potential recruit.


Client sponsored 
worker cost calculator

We calculate the 7 cost categories for your clients sponsored work in the UK based on their business profile and their potential recruit. The costs include:

  • Your clients costs
  • Their family costs
  • Your client costs

Client sponsor 
licence cost calculator

This identifies the one-off cost for your client to obtain a sponsor license.

Coming soon!

Client travel tracker

Identifies your client's team overseas travel trips and achieves the following points:

1. Compliance with sponsor Home Office reporting duties

2. Identifies if your clients are on track for settlement

3. Consistency of data for UK and overseas settlement applications


How does it work?


Create a free

Sign-up for the platform and complete your organisational profile.


Test the Immigration Discovery Tools

Review and test the legal tools and review the employers and talent platform elements


Choose your subscription option

Choose a simple monthly subscription fee based on the number of cases you manage per year


Begin processing cases

Attend interviews and communicate with employers and potential clients to assist with the work-related immigration process

How Immpact can benefit your legal firm


Access new 


We can directly connect you with pre-qualified talent looking for UK opportunities and employers looking to recruit overseas talent..



By tapping into a pre-qualified pool of eligible employers and talent, firms can focus their efforts on viable cases that are ready for processing.


Everything in one unified platform

Reduce the administrative burden by viewing, managing, and processing documentation and applications all in one platform.


Business growth and
higher profits

Build a strong, clear pipeline of new business with automated matches, to grow your business in new markets, while simultaneously reducing marketing overheads.